Asakusa Japanese Tripe stew [Inagaki 稲垣]


Japanese Traditional Tripe Stew !

As you saw above picture, you already feel this restaurant is Japanese traditional style. I think that for foreigner feel bit difficult to go in this restaurant cuz it's bit

Restaurant Info

Restaurant name :Inaggaki

Address : 3 Chome-25-4 Higashikomagata, Sumida City, Tokyo 130-0005

Map :

This time I went this restaurant for lunch. They just started lunch time working with really special price. So I would like to introduce this restaurant to you.

They mentioned they just started lunch service.


Once I came into inside, I felt really comfortable atmosphere. you can see next photo. you can understand this is really local Japanese style. Do you like it ?

If you like above seat, you can sit here. It's traditional Japanese seat. You wanna sit right ?



Maybe you can't read menu. but don't worry. I will translate menu at last in this page.

When I went here, customers are inside. All people were enjoying lunch, They were all Japanese. Maybe foreigner don't know this place.

My lunch came !

What a beautiful traditional Japanese lunch ! it just 600yen!! Amazing price!